decorative stencils

stencil master heat pen

Create your own stencils using the Stencil Master heatpen.  First draw your stencil design onto a sheet of paper and then place your translucent polyester stencil film over the image.  As you lightly trace over the image the fine cutting tip of the heatpen will melt the stencil film.  

The tool works purely by heat and not pressure which means that there are no ragged edges or tired fingers after trying to control a sharp knife.   Make sure that you put a piece of glass underneath the paper to protect your table.

The Stencil Master kit includes:

  • Stencil Master heatpen
  • 3 different cutting tips
  • Stand
  • Instructions

Contains 3 tips – $12.00

Thickness – 0.125mm

825mm x 1000mm


Thickness – 0.125mm

825mm x 10 metres


stencilling instructional video

stencil brushes

We stock professional natural bristle stencil brushes in 3 sizes – medium, large and extra large.

15mm diameter – $13.00

20mm diameter – $15.00

25mm diameter – $18.00