This 3 metre long turning arrow is from the ‘AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 Parking Facilities – Pavement arrows for use in carparks’ specifications.  We use a ‘jigsaw join’ technique where each stencil clips securely into the next stencil to form the complete arrow.  We use this type of design on our larger stencils to allow easy transport and storage.

In our range we also make the CP1 Straight, CP2 Double and CP4 Combination arrows.

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3000mm x 1088mm

2mm – $175.00

3mm – $235.00

3000mm x 600mm

2mm – $150.00

3mm – $200.00

3000mm x 2600mm

2mm – $265.00

3mm – $350.00

3750mm x 1292mm

2mm – $200.00

3mm – $270.00